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Get bigger harvests from your fields with agricultural supplies from CIRCLE C EQUIPMENT, LLC. Our company [link to Home page] in Hermiston, Oregon, provides a wide array of equipment to clients all around the globe. Some of our most popular products are our hay handling equipment, including hay conditioners, hay drying equipment, hay bale stackers, and hay wheel rakes. Find out more about the products we offer by contacting us.

Hay Bale Stackers That Cut Your Costs

Work more efficiently with the American Eagle Bale Stacker. This product can stack and retrieve 8-4x4 bales, 12-3x4 bales, or 18-3x3 bales quickly and safely. Furthermore, it is easy to drive and operate since it utilizes a one-touch computer-operated bale pick-up. A single operator can stack up to 90 tons per hour. In addition, the bale never passes over the cab, making these hay bale stackers safer for the operator. The bed and arm operations even stop the moment the cab door is opened.

Other features of the American Eagle Bale Stacker include its fully supported, positive-action lift arm. Two cylinders lift the bale on a single hinge point for greater strength. This model of hay bale stackers also includes a cleaner radiator and engine set-up. Since the bale is never in front of the truck, there is no dust to clog the radiator.

For better functionality, the American Eagle Bale Stacker does not utilize quarter turns. If a bale is in the field on the strings, it is in the stack, strings down. These hay bale stackers also perform in-line pickup. This means that the bale is picked up in-line behind the baler without stopping, which is less damaging to the field and crop than machines that pick up the bale from the square-edged side. Furthermore, all stacks are squared. Each hay bale is trapped and squared before being picked up, so when they are placed on the truck they are easily aligned with the other bales.

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Bale Stacker white truck full load

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Circle C Equipment has been producing the Super Conditioner since 1997. Since that time we have continued to upgrade and improve our products and manufacturing procedures to provide you with the most up-to-date technology available.

Our newest version of the Super Conditioner (we call it Gen3), has produced excellent results in our research and development. Stock conditioning systems from the swather, windrower & mower manufacturers have improved, but still fall short!

The most significant difference we have made was to improve the life and durability of our product. We started our research to greatly increase the rubber life in difficult environments such as commercial harvesters and just plain rocky conditions.

The Problem: With commercial harvesters, the challenge was never knowing the condition of the fields or lack of control over what was in the field. Stones and whatever else was in the field would cut the rubber down to the core. Full-contact conditioning, combined with the pressure and the product juices would contaminate the rubber bonding.

The Solution: More rubber and a better rubber compound! The rubber industry, as with most, is constantly using improved science to better the products they produce (consider the tire industry and NASCAR). We constantly work to stay with the technology to keep our product the best available for the challenging conditions our customers face.


We continue to refine and search for the most durable rubber compounds and bonding techniques on the market.


Our new spiral pattern roll has conquered feedablility challenges in most conditions.


A conditioner roll can be recovered at a fraction of the cost of a replacement roll.

The Generation3 Super Conditioner is still the leader in hay and forage conditioning. It continues to offer the exceptional benefits of crushing the full length of the stem. Hay that has this full length conditioning stops respirating sooner and allows the moisture to escape out the crack in the side. Fast drying hay is more nutritious, sweeter, greener and softer therefore much more palatable for the animal.

The Super Conditioner aggressively feeds crops through the rolls enabling higher speed swathing. This improved feedability overcomes challenging conditions without plugging or wrapping.

The Generation3 Super Conditioner is more durable than ever because the intermeshing design quickly ejects debris with little or no damage to rubber or rolls.

The Super Conditioner includes removable shafts in case a shaft is damaged by excessive bearing heat, or by large object impact. The shaft can be easily exchanged for a new one rather than replacing the entire conditioner roll as found on other conditioners.



The super Conditioner dries hay up to 50% faster and more consistently. Your hay has less exposure to damaging sun rays that break down the hay color and nutrients. Your hay has less risk of being rained on, consequently your hay will have better color.


The crushing action of the Super Conditioner kills the plant sooner. This reduces the amount of sugar the plant consumes in its final effort to survive. Because respiration stops sooner, the plant is preserved sooner. Faster preservation makes hay that is: Fresher  •  More Aromatic  •  More Nutritious  •  More Flavorful


The Super Conditioner flattens the stem, leaving the stem with a full length crack down the side. Leaves are not harmed and remain connected to the stem. When Super Conditioned, the stem is easier to bend. This makes it more palatable for animals to eat. The Nutritionist from the Polaris Group stated: "Intakes are improved...(and are) more consistent... when fed Super Conditioned Hay."

Question: Why would three major manufacturers come out with their own new version of conditioning rolls?

Answer: Because the Circle C Equipment Super Conditioner WORKS!

Other manufacturers of conditioning systems are improving (thanks to us), yet they cannot match the simplicity and thorough conditioning of the Super Conditioner.

When you are talking with your dealer about hay conditioning, please keep in mind they know very little about our product and we know A LOT about theirs.

The Super Conditioner rolls are machined on a computerized lathe to perfection, then balanced to within 1 mil. This allows the rolls to run together without vibration.

Our customer satisfaction is excellent! Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Full One Year Warranty

If, after running the rolls for an entire season, you are dissatisfied with the performance of our Super Conditioning System, you may return the kit for a refund. The refund will be the purchase price minus the cost to recover the rolls for resale as reconditioned. We do ask that you contact us if or when you have any challenges with our system. We are confident that we will have a simple solution to correct the issue.

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Hay Conditioner


At our firm, we build hay wheel rakes to match every application. However, one of our bestselling rakes is the Golden Eagle Wheel Rake, which was specifically designed to tackle the challenges of raking or merging hay and forage crops. The depth band feature works to eliminate dirt and rocks when raking or merging. This feature also increases tine life to more than five times that of conventional hay wheel rakes.

The Golden Eagle Wheel Rake helps farmers cut down on fuel costs by merging three swaths into one or two windrows. This also reduces the amount of time it takes to finish the job. In short, this equipment will make you money; you use 1/3 less fuel, expend 1/3 less labor and time, and take on 2/3 less maintenance costs. You do the math!

Myth Buster: Bigger Wheels Are Not Better

Many farmers believe that hay wheel rakes should have large wheels because larger wheels are gentler on the hay and allow you to travel faster. However, our extensive tester has proven this myth to be false. The size of the wheel is not nearly as important has the presentation of the hay from wheel to wheel. The higher on the wheel that you transfer the hay to the next wheel, the gentler the hay is handled. It also prevents the roping of the product and creates a hollow windrow for better drying.

This is much harder to accomplish on a larger wheel. You will have to travel much faster to accomplish the roll, therefore shattering the hay. However, if you do not travel fast enough, the hay drops to the ground before being picked up by the next wheel. This drags the hay instead of lifting it and that is what creates a roped up windrow. Likewise, a larger wheel will bend or break much easier. In addition, it is the moisture content in the hay that determines how fast you can rake. The only advantage we could find with a larger wheel is that the retooling costs would put more money in our pocket. We passed.

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Truck and Raker

Green Tractor pulling Rakes


Let us help you with the battle you’re fighting with your rubber tires going flat and leaving deep ruts in your field to get stuck in. The solution is a simple as spreading the load out and not pushing the mud to the side and out of the circle track.

Circle C Equipment Irrigation Circle Wheels. Coated Steel Wheels for Irrigation Circles. U.S. Patent Pending

• Flat Free  • Maintenance Free • Maximum Flotation

The only wheel that leaves the dirt in the track. No more dirt from the edge!

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Irrigation Circle Wheels

 Irrigation path

Wide Irrigation path


We will strip and recover Circle C Equipment rolls, as well as rolls from other roll manufacturers with our newest roll pattern.


We will arrange the freight to pick up your rolls and to return them to you. And it is freight FREE!

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Conditioner Roll Recovery

Contact us for further details on our hay equipment  We are based in Hermiston, Oregon, and serve clients worldwide.